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MCBA Constitution
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(Thanks to Malcolm Busch the MCBA has located a copy of its original constitution - dated June 19, 1914.)





This Association shall be known as "MIDDLESEX COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION.”





The objects of the Association shall be the promotion of social intercourse and good-fellowship among its members, the discussion of legal questions of general practical importance, the investigations of complaints affecting the professional conduct of lawyers practicing in Middlesex County and the adoption of such action in relation thereto as shall seem just and expedient, to guard against the admission to the bar of immoral or incompetent persons; to promote and encourage the more profound study of the law; the due administration of justice and reforms in the law; and in general, the advancement of the honor, dignity, welfare, efficiency and enjoyment of the members of the bar.





Section 1. Qualifications of Members. Any member of the bar of New Jersey, of good character and reputation, residing or practicing in the County of Middlesex, shall be eligible to active membership, provided such member shall have practiced law in New Jersey for at least two years, and provided further, that if said member resides outside Middlesex County, he shall have filed with his application a recommendation from the Bar Association of the County where he resides, of if there be no such Bar Association, a recommendation signed by at least two reputable attorneys of the County where he resides.


Sec. 2. Honorary Members. In addition to the active members there may be such honorary members as the Association may from time to time elect by a vote of two-thirds of members present at any meeting.


Sec. 3. Election of Members. Lawyers eligible to membership shall make application in writing to the Secretary in the manner and form approved by the Committee on Membership which application shall be referred by the Secretary to that committee. Upon recommendation by a majority of such committee the application shall be referred to the Board of Trustees who may by a majority vote approve such application. Upon such approval by a majority of the members of the Board of Trustees applicant shall become a regular member of this Association provided the necessary dues have been paid. Should the Committee on Membership of the Board of Trustees refuse or fail to approve such application at least fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting the Secretary shall submit to the membership at least ten (10) days prior to the annual meeting a list of applicants who desire to have their names considered for election by the membership at large at the annual meeting. At such annual meeting proper ballots shall be furnished by the Secretary and two-thirds of the vote of the members present at the annual meeting shall be necessary to election.


Sec. 4. Suspension or Expulsion of Members. Any member may be suspended or expelled by the Association on the recommendation of the Committee on Ethics and Grievances after an investigation by said committee upon ten days written notice by mail to the member accused with a statement of the charges preferred against him.


Notice of the time and place of meeting and that the report of the committee will be considered at said meeting shall be given to the member against whom complaint has been made or mailed to his last known post-office address at least five days before such meeting.


Two-thirds of the vote cast shall be necessary to suspend or expel.


If a member be expelled he shall forfeit all his right, title and interest in the funds or other property of the Association.





The officers of this Association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and a Board of five Trustees. They shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Association and hold their office for one year and until their successors are elected. All vacancies in office shall be filled by the Board of Trustees for the unexpired term thereof.


The officers elected at the first meeting held under this constitution shall hold office to the next annual meeting and until their successors are elected.





The following shall be the Standing Committees of the Association, each to consist of five members: Committee on Membership; Committee on Legislation; Committee on Library; Committee on Ethics and Grievances together with such other Standing Committees as the Association may from time to time establish.

The Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President within two weeks after his election.



Duties of the Officers and Committees


Section 1. The duties of the officers are such as ordinarily appertain to their respective offices.


Sec. 2. The Board of Trustees shall be charged with the selection and furnishing of a suitable room or rooms for the Association and with the general conduct and management of the Association.


Sec. 3. The Committee on Membership shall consider the applications for admission to the Association and report to any regular or special meeting the names of such applicants as are recommended for membership by a majority of said committee.


Sec. 4. The Committee on Legislation shall report to the Association from time to time any recommendations in regard to pending or proposed legislation.


Sec. 5. The Committee on Library shall perform such duties in relation thereto as the Association may from time to time request.


Sec. 6. The Committee on Ethics and Grievances shall investigate complaints affecting the professional conduct of lawyers practicing in Middlesex County, and shall take such action in relation thereto as shall seem just and expedient.





The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at the Court House in the City of New Brunswick on the first day of April term in each year at twelve o’clock noon, and there shall be such other meetings as the Association or the Board of Trustees may, from time to time, deem proper.


Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, and must be called at the written request of five members.





An entrance fee of five dollars shall be paid by each active member at the time of his enrollment. Said payment shall be credited as the annual dues for the current year. The annual dues for the next year shall become due on the day of the next annual meeting after such enrollment or election.


The dues of this organization shall be five dollars a year for active members, payable annually in advance on the day of the annual meeting of the Association.


Any member in arrears for dues for six months shall cease to be a member after thirty days’ notice in writing given to him by the Secretary to that effect, but may be reinstated by the Board of Trustees on payment of the dues for the year in which the said member was dropped and the dues for the year in which said reinstatement is acted on.





Ten members shall constitute a quorum of this Association, but a less number may adjourn from time to time.





Amendments to this constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary before action thereon, and the Secretary shall give five days’ notice in writing of the meeting at which it is proposed that such amendments shall be acted upon, including with the notice a copy of said proposed amendment, and an adoption of such amendment shall require a two-thirds vote of the members present at such meeting.


The proposed amendment may be amended as to form or substance without a new notice being given, provided the amendments to the proposed amendment relate to the subject matter of the clause or article to be amended.

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