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MCBF Hope for the Holidays-Stories
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This year, the Middlesex County Board of Social Services has identified over thirty-five (35) individuals/families that we will try to help.  These people are all managing with very little and their requests are for the most basic of needs.

AK    Single mother with two (2) small children.  Her son (2½ year old) has Celiac disease and requires a special diet.  She only qualifies for $184 in SNAP benefits and this amount is not sufficient to purchase the food necessary for his special diet.  If he does not eat properly, he is sick all the time and the effects of his disease become more severe.  This family is asking for some extra help to pay for the very costly gluten-free items that the child requires for a healthy diet, basic necessities and a little bit of extra holiday cheer for the children.

AM    Single mother of two (2) minor children.  She is receiving Radiation treatment due to a recent cancer diagnosis and is finding it difficult to continue her part-time work schedule due to the lingering effects of the treatments, the disease and the care of her two children.  She is also suffering from depression.  This family is asking for basic every-day items, warm clothing to help them get through the cold weather, and a little extra to bring the children some holiday cheer.

HA    Single father of two (2) children.  Family was abandoned by mother, who was suffering from severe mental illness.  Son is 16 and is Autistic and diabetic.  Daughter is 10 and suffers from mental illness, also.  This family is asking for basic necessities to help them through the cold weather such as food, warm clothing and outerwear.

QB    Single mother of four (4) minor children.  One of the children was attacked by 2 dogs this past July 4th.  She is 5 years old and has undergone numerous surgeries and is in severe pain. They are trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads as the medical bills are piling up from all of the surgeries and recovery items needed.  This family is asking for basic needs, food, and a little extra holiday joy this year.

AB    Single mother of three (3) minor children.  The mother has many medical problems that prevent her from working.  The youngest child has just been diagnosed with cancer and must start chemotherapy treatments soon.  This will not be a pleasant holiday for them.  This family is asking for basic necessities, food and some extra holiday cheer.

CH    Family of six (6), 2 adults and 4 minor children.  They were recently at the public laundry mat and had all of their clothing stolen out of the dryers, including all of the children’s school uniforms.  Having to repurchase school uniforms is very costly and they are already struggling to provide necessary day-to-day items.  This family is asking for any extra help they can get to not only purchase food and necessary items, but to help with the purchase of new school uniforms for the children.

MP    Single male who has recently become homeless and is living out of his small car.  With the cold weather approaching, this person is asking for help with the purchase of every-day necessities and food. He is asking for warm blankets, warm clothing, and a coat to help him get through the winter months.

NW    Single mother of five (5) children.  Mother is struggling with medical/mental health issues and cannot work due to these issues.  They are having trouble supplying every-day necessities and are afraid that they will soon be homeless, due to no income.  This family is asking for basic needs, warm clothing and some help in trying to give the children a happier holiday.

AC    Family of five (5), 2 adults and 3 children.  Both parents are disabled.  Mother is unable to stand, sit or walk due to severe back problems and pain and the father lost use of one hand due to an accident.  They are on a very limited income and are trying to make ends meet.  This family is asking for basic needs, food, warm clothing and a little help in trying to make it a joyous holiday for the children.

MC    Elderly couple living on a very small disability income.  The male’s unemployment benefits were recently terminated and he is unable to return to work due to having open heart surgery and suffering complications from the surgery.  The female is unable to work due to her own medical conditions.  They are swimming in medical bills and find it hard to just put food on the table, let alone make rental and utility payments.  This couple is asking for help with basic needs, food, some warm clothing and a little extra help with day-to-day living costs.

Financial donations should received at the bar association office by Friday, December 18th, payable to the Middlesex County Bar Foundation and referencing the 2015 Hope For The Holidays Fund Drive, and can be either brought or sent to:

Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director
Middlesex County Bar Foundation
87 Bayard Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
(732) 828-3433 ext. 102

Please consider participating in this program by making a financial donation to our campaign.

All monies collected will be delivered to the Middlesex County Board of Social Services on December 21st.

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