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Foreclosure Mediation Summary
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Middlesex County Superior Court General Equity
Foreclosure Mediation Program

In response to the recent rise in foreclosure cases, the General Equity section of the Middlesex County Superior Court has instituted a mediation program aimed at bringing the parties together as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities of work-outs and settlements. Our hope is that this will reduce the number of foreclosures and limit the liabilities of the creditors.

The Court has a number of mediators who are experienced general equity practitioners who will volunteer their time, at no cost to the litigant, to help facilitate the settlement of this dispute. In order facilitate the scheduling of a mediation session, a completed Homeowner Worksheet must be submitted to the Court.

Once the work sheet is submitted the court will arrange for the mediation. In all contested foreclosure matters, mediation will be mandatory. In uncontested cases it will be voluntary. The Court will send notice of this program and of the scheduling of case management conferences to the parties to contested foreclosure actions.

Home owners facing foreclosure in Middlesex, and Creditors moving to foreclose on properties in Middlesex, can contact Civil Division Manager’s Office at 732-519-3721 for more information.

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